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Anti-Counterfeit Watchdog

A voice for the consumers and genuine brands

Anti-Counterfeit Watchdog is a non-profit organisation which rallies both the business community and consumers to create a formidable voice for both the consumer and genuine business brands in the fight against copyright and Intellectual property (IP) crime including counterfeit, fake and illicit go ods . IP crime has a negative impact on the economy of any nation, and affects the health and safety of consumers. Trademarks and copyrights are adversely affected by this illegitimate global multi-billion dollar industry which cuts across all sectors of the economy costing the nation our much-needed foreign currency, revenue and jobs.

Counterfeiting of products and piracy is a growing problem globally as it threatens businesses and consumers. Unfortunately developing countries are the most affected because of inadequate awareness, regulation and enforcement and is further worsened by the fact that consumers have little or no product knowledge.

These counterfeited products undermine consumer confidence in well-known brands and deprive the brand owners and legitimate businesses of sales revenues. The government is also deprived of the much needed tax revenues. The Zimbabwean government is losing millions of dollars in unpaid taxes which are desperately needed to build hospitals, schools, roads and other basic infrastructure for the betterment of its citizens. Consumers are also adversely affected as they unknowingly purchase these products which are a danger to their health and safety as all fake products do not undergo the rigorous testing that genuine branded products go through.

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To Protect brand owners and legitimate businesses


To be a resource centre for all anti-counterfeiting initiatives…


Brand Protection training ,seminars, conferences,Provide Access to International BP specialists network


Brand Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

A War on Counterfeit Drugs

Fake medications are a huge problem worldwide. The WHO estimates that about 30 percent of drugs sold are counterfeit. This video shows you the risks and how to protect yourself from them.