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ACW acts as a resource centre for anti-counterfeiting intelligence, sharing information and anti-counterfeiting strategies amongst its members.Take advantage of our global anti-counterfeiting specialists’ network.Counterfeiting and unscrupulous business behaviour cannot be curbed individually except we pool our resources, knowledge and experience together.Dedicated BPOs who focus on matters regarding your specific product brand counterfeiting issues.


Access to our quarterly counterfeiting newsletters.Your brand integrity is strengthened as your partnership reflects your commitment to the health and safety of consumers. Your company’s brand will be featured in various social media platforms and public awareness campaigns reinforcing your brands authenticity, thereby creating trust in the market.


Partnership in all anti-counterfeiting investigations, reporting and advocacy with regulatory authorities for legislation, and stiffer deterrent penalties.We have the following membership categories;Brand Equity Owners (BEO): are bona fide owners of intellectual property, including manufacturers, franchisees and other distributorsBusiness Members: are service providers to BEO’s including but not confined to retailers, law firms, technology providers, product security specialists, advertising firms, shipping and forwarding agents etc.

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To join Anti-Counterfeit Watchdog, download and complete the application form below and any queries regarding your membership please contact BRAND PROTECTION

Preventing counterfeits from entering the market can be a mammoth task if brand owners are unwilling to fight and defend their rights.Alaissez-faire attitude creates a conducive environment for criminals to operate and become highly organised eventually making it difficult to curb the menace.With low barriers to entry and infiltration your brand faces far more threats than you may realize. Some retailers in their quest to increase profitability engage in dubious purchasing policies like buying cheap counterfeit, fake products, thereby dragging down the value of your product. Brands are as important to products as names to people. They create loyalty and preference and are too important to be left at the mercy of counterfeiters.