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Our Services

ACW conducts investigations of all kinds of product infringements and leverages on both our regional and international partners, and governmental agencies and professionalnetwork resources. Our investigation techniques plus a combination of market intelligence and covert strategies enables us to uncover manufacturers and distributors of counterfeit products. ACW operates across diverse industrial sectors including food and beverages sector, pharmaceutical and medical sector, ICT software sector, agricultural sector, manufacturing sector, motor industry, music industry, cosmetics, clothing and luxury goods sector, job sector, and any sector where there are counterfeits, trademark, copyright and intellectual property infringement. OurInvestigations will focus on three proactive strategy; Our efforts will identify the brands targeted, expose the full distribution network and dismantle the counterfeit operation.

Preventing counterfeits from entering the market can be a mammoth task if brand owners are unwilling to fight and defend their rights.Alaissez-faire attitude creates a conducive environment for criminals to operate and become highly organised eventually making it difficult to curb the menace.With low barriers to entry and infiltrationyour brand faces far more threats than you may realize. Some retailers intheir quest to increase profitability engage in dubious purchasing policies like buying cheap counterfeit, fake products, thereby dragging down the value of your product. Brands are as important to products as names to people. They create loyalty and preference and are too important to be left at the mercy of counterfeiters. ACW offers; Enhanced Brand Protection Solutions This includes dedicated Brand Protection Officers(BPOs)equipped with tools to identify genuine and counterfeits of our partners’ brands. BPOs watch over your brands in the market place and work closely with law enforcement agencies to curb infringements. Protection of Brand Loyalty and Connectivity Access to our various strategic platforms to reinforce benefits of trusted brands. Assure Brand Quality and Integrity Collation and feedback of your brands performance in the market, including complaints on product quality.

The coordination and cooperation of government agencies is critical in law enforcement. Government’s agencies are the primary and most effective resource in the war on counterfeits. Thereby a strong collaboration approach is the best strategy to win the war against brand infringers. ACW works with focal contacts to create an effective interaction platform between law enforcement agencies and equity brand owners.

ACW has capacity building programs that brings together law enforcement agencies and brand owners to sensitize and updateboth parties on the seriousness and socio-economic impact of counterfeiting in terms of the health and safety of consumers,job losses andhuge losses of revenue to businesses and government. Although these crimes are considered victimless, they have far reaching consequences which must be understood by law enforcement agencies. This helps them in their day to day duties, to take action where necessary. Continuous interaction with law enforcement agencies increases product knowledge of genuine brands and counterfeits.

ACW’s Awareness programs are targeted towards turning consumers into allies in the fight against counterfeiters, IPR and copyright infringers.

Identifying the right service provider for legal services is critical. ACWs legal partners are experts in their field of specialisation and thus proactive in brand protection starting from filing and registering your trademark, designs and patents to building successful cases against counterfeiters and IPR infringers.